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"Simulation is transforming surgical education in the 21st century."
Daniel Buchbinder, AO Technical Commission


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The AO Technical Commission is an organization of medical-technical committees and is responsible for the development and clinical testing of new devices as well as their educational concepts. It consists of Specialty Technical Commissions and various Expert Groups in which around 120 surgeons work together with engineers on the solution of clinical problems. 

For AO CMF specifically, the AO Technical Commission CMF oversees Expert Groups in Craniofacial, Facial Trauma, and Reconstruction.

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AO CMF innovative tools to explore

AOCMF Simulation Surgery

Virtual Surgical Simulation Trainer

Discover the AO Foundation Multipurpose Virtual Surgical Simulation Trainer project, funded by AO Strategy Fund grant and supported by AO CMF, AO North America and Imperial College London.

AOCMF Touch Surgery

Touch Surgery


Practice surgery anytime, anywhere! Learn operations in a step-by-step manner with 3D graphics simulating realistic surgical environments and track your results and progress.

Latest AO Technical Commission Approved Solutions


AO Technical Commission products

  • The MatrixWAVE MMF plate (an adjustable device for precise maxillomandibular fixation)
  • Patient-specific orthognathic plates
  • A ratcheting mechanism for CMF distractors
  • An injectable resorbable plate fastener system for craniofacial trauma and reconstruction
  • MatrixNEURO Preformed Mesh (anatomically contoured rigid mesh implant for the reconstruction of medium to large cranial defects)
  • SYNTHECEL Dura Repair, a dural substitute based on biosynthesized cellulose technology

All AO Technical Commission Approved Solutions

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