AO CMF Faculty

Learn, share and grow with us through continuous education

Because AO had the foresight to teach its teachers, we now become better educators

The AO Foundation is renowned for its dedication to Continuing Professional Development (CPD), offering surgeons around the world high quality courses, delivered by exceptional faculty.

Through the AO faculty development programs experienced interested surgeons and clinical experts can develop their skills and become AO faculty members, serving as teachers and educational experts for AO's clinical CPD educational events.  

How to become AO CMF faculty?


To be eligible as internationally recognized AOCMF faculty, you need to:

  • Be an AO CMF Member
  • Be experienced in teaching at AO Educational Events

Please submit the AO CMF faculty application form including two recommendation letters from other AO CMF members, faculty members or board members of your region.
Your application is then discussed at the next AO CMF regional board meeting. 

Contact us for more information

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Faculty development programs

Depending on your level of experience and interest, one of the following faculty development programs may provide an excellent opportunity. Please note that all faculty development programs below are by invitation only.


Faculty Educational Programs

Faculty Education Program

Learn all you need to succeed at teaching one AO CMF educational events

Chair Educational Programs

Chairperson Education Program

Learn all you need to succeed at leading and managing AO educational events

Leadership Educational Program

Leader Education Program

Learn important skills in order to lead teams effectively and manage educational projects

Interested in becoming AOCMF faculty? 


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