Electronic Fracture Case Collection

An electronic fracture case collection complements the tutorial papers. It explains the features and options of the AOCMF classification system

The case examples are grouped according to the tutorial papers, which account for the anatomical regions/sub-regions and the three precision levels. The tables list the documentation ID used for documentation within the integrated database in AOCOIAC, and indicate case examples simultaneously published in the tutorial papers.

Examples of mandibular fractures

  • Level 2 case examples
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    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-91-003

    Body fracture traversing anterior transition zone
    Collection ID: 1

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-91-004
    Body region fracture
    Collection ID: 2

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-91-005
    Angle fracture in posterior transition zone
    Collection ID: 3

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-91-007
    Fracture fully within posterior transition zone
    Collection ID: 4

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-91-008
    Horizontal angle / ramus fracture
    Collection ID: 5

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-91-010
    Vertical angle / ramus fracture
    Collection ID: 6

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-91-011
    Isolated coronoid fracture
    Collection ID: 7

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-91-012
    Condylar process fracture
    Collection ID: 8

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-91-014
    Double fracture of the mandible (a)
    Collection ID: 9

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-91-016
    Double fracture of the mandible (b)
    Collection ID: 10

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-91-017
    Multifragmented fracture within right ascending ramus with condylar 2 process involvement
    Collection ID: 11

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-91-018
    Triple mandibular fracture (a)
    Collection ID: 12

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-91-019
    Triple mandibular fracture (b)
    Collection ID: 13

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-91-020
    Triple mandibular fracture (c)
    Collection ID: 14

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-91-021
    Multiple mandible fractures
    Collection ID: 15

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-91-022
    Mandibular fracture within the posterior transitional zone
    Collection ID: 16

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-91-023
    Condylar process fracture on edentulous mandible
    Collection ID: 17

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-91-025
    Mandibular body fracture
    Collection ID: 18

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-91-002
    Anterior transition zone determination in edentulous mandible
    Collection ID: 19 - Tutorial

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-91-013
    Nonconfined fracture over symphysis and body
    Collection ID: 20 - Tutorial

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-91-015
    Double fracture of the mandible (c)
    Collection ID: 21 - Tutorial
  • Level 3 case examples (excl. Condylar Process)
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    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-91-051

    Alvelolar process fracture
    Collection ID: 22

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-91-052
    Alvelolar process fracture region 42-45
    Collection ID: 23

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-91-053
    Double fracture with basal wedge fracture within anterior transition 1 zone (on the right) and angle fracture on the left
    Collection ID: 24

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-91-054
    Multifragmented mandibular body region
    Collection ID: 25

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-91-055
    Major fragmentation confined to the symphyseal region
    Collection ID: 26

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-91-056
    Major fragmentation extending between the lateral symphysis and the 1 anterior body region
    Collection ID: 27

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-91-057
    Body fracture with major fragmentation
    Collection ID: 28

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-91-024
    Major fragmented fracture body and symphysis
    Collection ID: 29

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-91-058
    Multiple fractures of an edentulous mandible
    Collection ID: 30

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-91-059
    Bilateral body fracture in a severely atrophic mandible
    Collection ID: 31

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-91-060
    Fragmented angle-ramus fracture
    Collection ID: 32

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-91-061
    Long reaching sagittal fracture from angle/ramus to symphysis plus 1 bilateral condylar head fractures
    Collection ID: 33

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-91-001
    Symphysis fracture of grade 0 fragmentation
    Collection ID: 34

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-91-026
    Two fracture lines or one line in conjunction with alveolar process fracture
    Collection ID: 35 - Tutorial

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-91-027
    Body fracture of grade 2 fragmentation extending into the symphysis
    Collection ID: 36 - Tutorial
  • Level 3 Condylar Process
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    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-91-102

    Unilateral condylar base fracture with lateral override/ramus 3 shortening
    Collection ID: 37

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-91-104
    Bilateral condylar process neck and head fractures
    Collection ID: 38

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-91-106
    Borderline condylar head fracture
    Collection ID: 39

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-91-107
    Atypical condylar head and neck fracture
    Collection ID: 40

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-91-108
    Non-fragmented neck fracture
    Collection ID: 41

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-91-109
    Neck fracture and sagittal symphysis-to-angle/ramus fracture in 1 edentulous mandible
    Collection ID: 42

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-91-101
    Unilateral condylar base fractures with lateral override
    Collection ID: 43 - Tutorial

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-91-103
    Condylar neck fracture
    Collection ID: 44 - Tutorial

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-91-105
    Bilateral condylar head fractures
    Collection ID: 45 - Tutorial

Examples of midface, cranio-facial skull base and cranial vault fractures

  • Level 2 Midface
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    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-92-004

    Zygoma fracture
    Collection ID: 46

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-92-005
    Zygoma and nose fractures with ICM involvement
    Collection ID: 47

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-92-006
    Isolated fracture of the zygomatic arch
    Collection ID: 48

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-92-007
    Fracture on the zygomatic arch
    Collection ID: 49

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-92-008
    Fracture of the anterior maxillary sinus wall (ICM)
    Collection ID: 50

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-92-009
    Le Fort I fracture (LCM) and nasal bone involvement
    Collection ID: 51

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-92-010
    Naso-orbito-ethmoid (NOE) fracture
    Collection ID: 52

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-92-011
    Complex fracture pattern of the central and lateral midface
    Collection ID: 53

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-92-012
    Le Fort I fracture pattern with bilateral zygoma fractures
    Collection ID: 54

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-92-013
    Displaced zygoma fracture
    Collection ID: 55

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-92-001
    Fracture of the upper central midface
    Collection ID: 56 - Tutorial

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-92-002
    Bilateral Le Fort I fracture associated with nasal bones and zygoma fracture on the left side
    Collection ID: 57 - Tutorial

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-92-003
    Zygoma fracture on the left side
    Collection ID: 58 - Tutorial
  • Level 3 Midface
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    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-92-107

    Undisplaced midface fracture: bilateral Le Fort I, unilateral Le II Fort 7 II right, and zygoma left - as component of a panfacial fracture
    Collection ID: 59

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-92-108
    Zygoma minimally displaced with multifragmentation of ZMC and ZSS
    Collection ID: 60

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-92-109
    Le Fort I Type 1, 2 and 3 fracture combination, bilateral NOE and frontal sinus fractures
    Collection ID: 61

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-92-110
    Panfacial fracture - retrosdiplaced Le Fort I, II, III midface fracture, parasagittal palatal fracture  and  triple mandibular fracture: symphyseal fracture and bilateral condylar base fracture
    Collection ID: 62

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-92-111
    Complex zygomatic fracture
    Collection ID: 63

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-92-112
    Pancraniofacial fracture
    Collection ID: 64

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-92-113
    Central craniocfacial - asymmetric bilateral NOE fracture in Combination with frontal sinus fracture
    Collection ID: 65

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-92-114
    Midface fracture: atypical Le Fort I and II combined with palate, atypical zygoma left and involvement of greater sphenoid wing left
    Collection ID: 66

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-92-101
    Asymmetric Le Fort Level midface fracture
    Collection ID: 67 - Tutorial

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-92-102
    Zygoma Fracture left with dorsocranial displacement and antral impaction
    Collection ID: 68 - Tutorial

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-92-103
    Panfacial fracture including lower central midface fracture analogous to Hemi Le Fort I fracture
    Collection ID: 69 - Tutorial

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-92-104
    Naso-orbito-ethmoidal fracture bilateral (Example 1)
    Collection ID: 70 - Tutorial

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-92-105
    Naso-orbito-ethmoidal fracture (Example 2)
    Collection ID: 71 - Tutorial

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-92-106
    Lateral cranio-orbito-facial injury: fronto-spheno-zygomatico-orbital fracture
    Collection ID: 72 - Tutorial
  • Level 3 Orbit
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    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-92-204

    Orbital floor fracture
    Collection ID: 73

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-92-205
    NOE fracture
    Collection ID: 74

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-92-206
    Orbital floor fracture
    Collection ID: 75

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-92-207
    Zygoma fracture on the right side with inferior rim involvement
    Collection ID: 76

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-92-208
    Zygoma fracture on the left side with inferior rim involvement
    Collection ID: 77

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-92-209
    Four wall orbital fracture with complete bilateral disintegration
    Collection ID: 78

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-92-210
    Fracture of the medial orbital wall in the anterior and middle section
    Collection ID: 79

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-92-211
    NOE fracture on the right side with displacement
    Collection ID: 80

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-92-212
    Isolated medial orbital wall fracture
    Collection ID: 81

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-92-213
    Bilateral fractures of the orbital roof
    Collection ID: 82

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-92-201
    Orbital floor fracture with intraorbital buttress involvement
    Collection ID: 83 - Tutorial

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-92-202
    Isolated medial orbital wall fracture with apex involvement
    Collection ID: 84 - Tutorial

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-92-203
    Zygoma fracture on the right side
    Collection ID: 85 - Tutorial
  • Level 2 and 3 Skull Base and Cranial Vault
    Download pdf / Download zip

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-93-94-004

    Frontal cranial vault with right and central skull base fractures
    Collection ID: 86

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-93-94-005
    Linear fracture involving the cranial vault and middle fossa skull base
    Collection ID: 87

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-93-94-006
    Multiple, depressed and multifragmentary frontal cranial vault fractures with anterior skull base involvement 
    Collection ID: 88

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-93-94-007
    Anterior skull base fracture
    Collection ID: 89

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-93-94-008
    Bilateral cranial vault fractures with extension into the anterior and middle skull base
    Collection ID: 90

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-93-94-009
    Parietal cranial vault fracture with depression into the brain
    Collection ID: 91

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-93-94-001
    Multiple cranial vault fractures
    Collection ID: 92 - Tutorial

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-93-94-002
    Single skull base fracture extending into the temporal cranial vault
    Collection ID: 93 - Tutorial

    AOCOIAC ID: CMTR-93-94-003
    Right occipital and temporal cranial vault fracture extending into the right middle fossa skull base
    Collection ID: 94 - Tutorial
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