View the elected officials of the Boards and Commissions responsible for implementing the vision of AO CMF

The AO CMF International Board is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the strategy, and all the functions and activities, of the AO CMF Clinical Division globally.

On a regional level, the five Regional Boards (Asia Pacific, Europe and Southern Africa, Middle East and Northern Africa, Latin America, and North America) are responsible for planning the full range of activities in the field of education. Moreover, they provide regional input to the respective commissions for community development and research.

The three AO CMF Commissions are responsible for establishing standards, coordinating and leveraging ideas, and ensuring best practice transfer between the regions in the fields of research and development, community development, and the TK System. The boards and commissions are composed of elected representatives and comply with the AO Foundation’s Code of Ethics and Shared Values.


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Regional Boards

Improving patient care across the globe

  • AO CMF Europe and Southern Africa Board

    Daniel Danielsson, SE

    Board Members:
    Isabelle Barthelemy, FR
    Ignacio Ismael Garcia Recuero, ES
    Stefano Fusetti, IT
    Max Heiland, DE
    Ian Sharp, UK
    Sunil Aniruth, ZA

  • AO CMF Asia Pacific Board
    Francis Roasa, PH

    Board Members:
    Ee Cherk Cheong, SG
    Tong Ji, CI
    Byung-il Lee, KR
    Han-Tsung Liao
    Jiro Maegawa, JP
    Mirta Reksodiputro, ID
    Sunisa Rochanavibatha , TH
    Gopal Krishnan Kulandaswamy, IN
    Mike Leung, HK
    Simon Lou, NZ
    Alf Nastri, AU
    Xin Peng, CN
    Kwang Lim Yang , MY
  • AO CMF Latin America Board

    Fernando Briceño, CO

    Board Members:
    Gerardo Fernández Sobrino, MX
    Ricardo de Holanda Vasconcellos, BR
    Eduardo Mazzaro, AR
    Paul Maurette, VE
    Rene Rojas, CL
    Juan Carlos Orellana, EC

  • AO CMF Middle East and Northern Africa Board

    Amir Elbarbary, EG

    Board Members:
    Ali Adouani, TN
    Ata Garajei, IR
    Zeid Goussous, JO
    Mohammed Nadershah, SA
    Noorul Wahab, PK
    Manjunath Margasahayam, OM
    Seidu Bello, NG

  • AO CMF North America Board

    Andrew Murr, US

    Past Chair:
    Gorman Louie, CA

    Board Member:
    Salvatore C. Lettieri, US
    Travis T. Tollefson, US
    Larry L. Cunningham, US
    Delora L. Mount, US

    Chair Elect:
    Stephen MacLeod, US




  • AO CMF R&D Commission
    Eppo Wolvius, NL

    Commission Members:
    Daniel Buchbinder, US
    Jill Helms, US
    Andreas Thor, SW
    Thomas Dodson, US
    Gregorio Sánchez-Aniceto, ES

    Business Manager:
    Mirjam Bucher, CH

    Permanent Guest:
    Víctor Díaz Molina, CH
    Martin Stoddart, CH 
  • AO CMF Community Development Commission

    Community Development Chair:
    Sabine Girod

    Community Development Representatives:
    Florian Thieringer, ESA
    Ferdinand Pamintuan, AP
    Fadi Zibdeh, MENA
    Michael Turner, NA

    Editorial Review Board Members:

    Ariel Hirschhorn, ESA
    Amr Gahnem, MENA
    Eric Kahugu, MENA
    Pramod Subaash, AP
    Milind Naik, AP
    Sarah Frommer, NA
    Waldemar Polido, NA
    Ana Catalina Tobon Trujillo, LAT
    Valeri Paredes, LAT



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