New AOPEER eModule explains how to choose the right outcome measure to evaluate effectiveness of a study treatment 

26 November 2017


Clinical and translational research takes a lot of hard work and dedication, and many surgeons receive little to no training in this area. This is why the AO Foundation’s Program for Education and Excellence in Research (AOPEER) has been developed: to support surgeons in getting up-to-speed in every as-pect of their research. Through AOPEER’s online learning and face-to-face events, interested surgeons can learn how to carry out and publish research through a diverse set of learning resources. AOPEER covers the fundamentals of research, from how to design studies and access grant funding, to how to get organized with study management, data management, and statistics. It also explains how to suc-cessfully publish the results.

New eModule: Outcome Measures—Knowing What and How to Measure

AOPEER’s new learning eModule provides the CMF surgeon community with valuable knowledge about outcome measures for clinical research. Participants will gain a better understanding on what outcome measures are, how to evaluate their quality, and how to choose the right outcome measure to evaluate the effectiveness of a study treatment. 

Face-to-face trainings

In addition to online training, AOPEER holds face-to-face courses to help surgeons improve their clini-cal research skills. This past September, AOPEER’s first face-to-face Principles in Clinical Research course was hosted in Myanmar by the AO Alliance, and in Hong Kong by AOSpine Asia Pacific. The course curriculum was developed by the AOPEER Taskforce, in close collaboration with Clinical Inves-tigation and Documentation (AOCID) and the AO Education Institute. To further establish its teaching network worldwide, AOPEER also led a clinical research teacher-training seminar at both events. 

Access AOPEER and get your research off the ground

If you are interested in online or in-person training on the fundamentals of research, visit AOPEER and get your research off the ground. The subscription is free for members of all AO Clinical Divisions.

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The AO Program for Education and Excellence in Research (AOPEER)

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