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External septorhinoplasty approach

07 January 2018

External septorhinoplasty approach

What kind of surgery do you perform?

In this video, I share with viewers an external approach to expose the nasal skeleton, which is a required first step when performing an external septorhinoplasty. This approach is useful whenever it is necessary to perform exact changes to the nasal skeleton, particularly for precise nasal tip changes. It allows good visualization of all structural and aesthetic components of the nasal pyramid. This approach is most commonly used for both esthetic and secondary nasal reconstruction, although it can also be useful in some primary traumatic and reconstructive conditions.

What is unique about this video?

Viewers will benefit from this video’s step-by-step description of a standard external septorhinoplasty approach, and the tips and tricks I provide to make the exposure easier to perform while minimizing potential complications. In addition, the complete deconstruction of the various nasal components including exposure of the septum is shown, which can facilitate reconstruction regardless of the complexity.

Educational outcomes

After viewing this video, learners should be able to:

  • Describe the steps required to expose the nasal skeleton and its associated cartilage through a standard external septorhinoplasty approach
  • Describe some common tips and tricks for safely exposing the lower lateral cartilages and the septum

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