AOCMF Community Development Latin America Regional Representative

AOCMF is opening its call for applications for a regional representative opening on the AOCMF Community Development Commission. The successful candidate will represent Latin America.

08 July 2019

AOCMF Latin America elections

AO CMF invites potential candidates who meet the eligibility criteria provided in the job description to submit their completed applications no later than August 4, 2019, by midnight ART.

Eligibility criteria

Applicants should be AOCMF members who are dedicated to sharing and encouraging ideas across professional and cultural boundaries. The successful applicant will act as the regional representative on the AOCMF Community Development Commission and will represent the AOCMF Community Development Commission on the AOCMF Latin America Board. The successful candidate must be able to work in a multicultural environment and be passionate about online communications. The future regional representative is also expected to have a vision to contribute to the AOCMF community. 

Election process

Applications must be submitted to AOCMF by August 4, 2019, by midnight ART. These will then be handed to the Nomination Committee.

The nomination committee will review all applications and select the candidates who fulfill the prerequisites.

The "first past the post" election mechanism with two rounds (run-offs) will be used and then the members of the AOCMF Latin America Board, the AOCMF Community Development Commission and the Web Editorial Committee will vote. The first runoff will retain only the two candidates with the most votes and all others will be dropped. The second and last round will then require an absolute majority.

How to apply


Applicants who fulfill the requirements provided in the job description and who submit the following documents will be considered for election:

  • Curriculum vitae (CV)
  • The completed application form
  • A one-page letter of intent describing the candidate’s top five priorities as a representative of Latin America on the AOCMF Community Development Commission.
  • Signed copy of the AO Foundation Code of Ethics 

The completed documents should be sent to Micheline Bertolani at

Further information

For further information, please contact Micheline Bertolani, AO Foundation AOCMF Latin America, Calle 134 # 7-83 – Office: 443 – Edificio Altos del Bosque, Bogotá, Colombia, phone: +57 1 627 2411 or +57 310 479 0570 and email:

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