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AOCMF’s European Forum—Concepts and Controversies in Antiresorptive Drug-related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw (ARONJ), April 20–21, in Prague, Czech Republic

21 May 2018

Sixty-five enthusiastic and highly engaged participants from across Europe got thought leaders’ leading-edge insights on a relatively new disease at AOCMF’s European Forum—Concepts and Controversies in Antiresorptive Drug-related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw (ARONJ), April 20–21, in Prague, Czech Republic.

Course chair Dr Lynne Fryer said the controversy around ARONJ—how to best manage and treat it—was the primary driver of participants’ interest.

“It’s a very controversial and interesting topic, which is why we had so many participants,” Fryer explained. “There is great interest out there for ARONJ. What is controversial—and far from clear—is how to correctly treat and manage it. This is a relatively new disease, so it is exciting for clinicians.”

Interest was so high, she said, that organizers opened the course to additional participants two weeks prior to the event.

“A big attraction was the level of engagement and the format: a series of short lectures with small group discussions,” said Fryer. “Participants got to look at a lot of different cases and how to manage the difficulties of a complex case.”

Fryer said that if there’s one message she hopes participants gleaned from the course, it’s that prevention is extremely important. At the same time, she said, early surgery can prevent late complex surgery, but clinicians should not be afraid to undertake complex surgery for the patient.

“I would also hope that participants would understand how important rehabilitation is for patients’ quality of life,” she added.

Latest research findings to be in spotlight

As interest in ARONJ grows, clinicians and researchers with an interest in ARONJ won’t want to miss the AO CMF 2nd ARONJ Conference: Anti-osteoclastic Drugs, Impact on Maxillofacial and Bone , September 17, in Munich, Germany.

“The main focus on the September conference is the scientific aspect of ARONJ: new findings and things under development said,” Sven Otto , director of the course in Prague. “A lot of the latest research focuses on clinical development aspects of ARONJ, but also goes beyond the daily clinical routine. The research projects currently running are really on the cutting edge. We are seeing a paradigm change with the emergence of a focus on prevention and development leading to more and better surgical treatment outcomes.”


AO CMF Research & Development Commission Chair Dr Eppo Wolvius said the event marks the culmination of several AOCMF-funded research projects and represents a welcome opportunity for clinicians and researchers to come together to exchange ideas and experiences.

Moreover, two keynote speakers, Prof Robert Marx from the US, who is the leading expert on the topic, as well as Natasha Appelman-Dijkstra, MD, PhD, a well-known endocrinologist from the Netherlands, will present their keynote speeches and allow lots of time for lively discussions.


“Between 2012 and 2016, AOCMF had several calls for research projects and, as these are ending, it will be nice to see their outcomes. AOCMF decided eight or nine years ago to go in this direction, and now it is paying off,” Wolvius explained.


AO CMF 2nd ARONJ Conference—Anti-osteoclastic drugs, impact on maxillofacial and bone
September 17, 2018 in Münich, Germany

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