AOCMF On Air: Condylar Fractures

We're taking our popular online case discussions to the next level with a big-stage special live from Davos

29 November 2018

Video: Experience the first edition of AOCMF On Air! WARNING: Graphic Content

We're taking our popular online case discussions—AOCMF On Air— to the next level with a big-stage special on the topic, Condylar fractures—to treat or not to treat, live from Davos. Join the Davos Courses 2018 action at 17:00 CET, Monday, December 10, by tuning in for our live stream, brought to you directly from the studio in the Davos Congress Centre in Switzerland.

Even if you can't join the Davos Courses in person, thanks to digital technology you now have the opportunity to connect, learn and experience the event virtually. Online participants' comments and questions will enrich the discussion real-time—and you can be part of the Davos experience no matter where you are.

This time, our all-star lineup of AOCMF faculty, Sabine Girod (US), Florian Thieringer (CH), Iain McVicar (UK) and Marcelo Figari (AR), invites you to attend an interactive live discussion on the topic: Condylar fractures—to treat or not to treat.

December 10, 2018 at 17:00 CET


After this session, participants will be able to:


  • Identify clinical and radiological signs of condylar fractures
  • Classify condylar fractures
  • Describe the complex anatomy and surgical approaches to the condyle
  • Develop evidence-based treatment plans
  • Select operative and nonoperative treatment options
  • Describe how to treat sequelae and secondary complications of condylar fractures

All AOCMF On Air sessions are recorded and can be found on the AO Videos platform (free access for Members) 

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