AOCMF Launches a New Web Platform

AOCMF officially launched the AO Program for Education and Excellence in Research (AOPEER) at the recent Research and Development Symposium in Helsinki this May.

29 May 2017

The web-based platform provides diverse resources for surgeons who interested in, or are already conducting, high-quality research in their chosen field.

Designed by surgeons, for surgeons

Many surgeons receive little to no training in the fundamentals of research. Designing robust projects, writing scientific papers, accessing grant funding, and statistical analysis, are generally not part of a surgeon’s skill set. Designed by surgeons, AOPEER aims to empower AO members from all clinical divisions to fill knowledge gaps and gain confidence in their desire to contribute to evidence-based medicine.

Drawing on a wealth of expertise

AOPEER’s curated database, which is accessible via mobile, tablet, and PC, leverages information from across the AO Foundation. It includes reference documents, pertinent articles, grant application templates, checklists, eLearning modules, webinars, in addition to other information that forms the core of clinical research. Furthermore, the database is easy to access and is organized according to user-specific needs, experience level, and available time.

AO CMF’s involvement in AOPEER

AO CMF started its involvement in AOPEER last July at the R&D commission meeting, and Risto Kontio serves on its task force. In addition, AOCMF has funded a specific literature search on outcome measures. This will be used in CMF studies, as well as an eLearning module on outcome measures, which will be uploaded onto the AOPEER platform. This eModule is currently in development.


AOPEER is free for members of all AO Clinical Divisions.
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