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The dynamic and intense Advanced Course in Rotterdam set the example in orbital reconstructive surgery

07 March 2018

Rotterdam’s Erasmus University Medical Center was backdrop for a dynamic learning experience January 25–26, 2018, during the AO CMF Course—Orbital Dissection; Advanced Surgical Techniques (with Human Anatomical Specimens). The advanced orbit course in the Netherlands brought together participants from over 13 different countries.

The truly inspirational educational event laid out a pathway for future with experts leading the way on advanced topics. 


Led by Eppo Wolvius (course director) and Maarten Koudstaal (course chair), the faculty team made—including Frank Wilde, Leander Dubois, Jan de Lange, Dion Paridaens, Peerooz Saeed and Elske Strabbing—delivered a high impact, multifaceted training course.  Participants learned the latest advanced techniques in orbital reconstruction following trauma or for congenital deformities.

“It is not for the faint-hearted surgeon!”
Eppo Wolvius

Intense, advanced, fast paced

Participants rotated in small groups and performed surgical approaches in the wet lab and practiced preoperative computer planning and hands on surgical reconstruction on the zygoma and orbital floor using patient specific plates and bone models.

Eppo Wolvius, from Erasmus University Medical Center, described the course as “intense, advanced and fast paced,” combining the learning of essential skills needed for advanced orbital surgery.

“It is not for the faint-hearted surgeon!” Eppo said, adding that the demanding two days ensured that participants got the best training, equipment and guidance from the best surgeons. 

We would like to thank both the participants and faculty for an incredible learning experience.

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